Qualitative Behavior of the Youth

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Adapt To Multiple Environment

The role of the Global Bizz Group team is to build a high-performing, agile organisation with the capability to respond rapidly to constant changes with speed, grace and determination. We do this by building a purpose-driven culture based on strong organisational values
Certificate in English

Basic Grammar:

  • Articles
        • Quantifiers
        • Prepositions
        • Subject- verb agreement
        • Tenses


Reading a short text to get the main idea
    • Identifying supporting details and specific information
    • Understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words


  • Capitalization & punctuation
        • Describing a person, place or an object

Speech & Listening 
    • Making introductions
    • Telling time
    • Making a complaint
    • Language in shopping
    • Facing an interview
    • Telephone skills
    • Expressing opinion