Qualitative Behavior of the Youth

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Adapt To Multiple Environment

The role of the Global Bizz Group team is to build a high-performing, agile organisation with the capability to respond rapidly to constant changes with speed, grace and determination. We do this by building a purpose-driven culture based on strong organisational values
Certificate Courses

Certificate in Information Technology

 Overview of Computer Systems

working with Operating Systems and Office Package

Internet and Online

Database Management Systems

 IT Security, Privacy, Ethics and Issues


Basic Grammar:

  • Articles
        • Quantifiers
        • Prepositions
        • Subject- verb agreement
        • Tenses


Reading a short text to get the main idea
    • Identifying supporting details and specific information
    • Understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words


  • Capitalization & punctuation
        • Describing a person, place or an object

Speech & Listening 
    • Making introductions
    • Telling time
    • Making a complaint
    • Language in shopping
    • Facing an interview
    • Telephone skills
    • Expressing opinion